VapeXhale Customer Profile: Steven Gregorinski

March 7, 1991, Steven Gregorinski was working as a plumbers apprentice on the construction of a high school when a 330 pound cast came loose from the ceiling and came down on his right shoulder, crushing the ladder he was standing on. This led to years of surgeries and what he calls the “wheel of medications”, as his doctors moved him from painkiller to painkiller, he gained a tolerance for one after the other. His lack of mobility led to substantial weight gain, as he grew to 260 pounds. Finally, needing a new direction he began researching medical cannabis, and soon after everything changed.

“People think because we’re using cannabis we’re just using it to get high,” says Gregorinski. “To the contrary, I’m using cannabis so I’m not laying around all day, so I can get up and do things and feel like a whole person. No one knows what it’s like to feel like half a person until they’re there. Not only have I suffered a lot of chronic pain but I’ve felt the depression and everything else that comes along with it. Once you’re in it you feel like you’re always going to be in it, and now that I’m getting away from that it’s such an awakening experience, it’s been profound.”

Currently, Steven works as a caregiver to his elderly parents, requiring him to keep his wits about him during the day. He starts a typical day with a CBD-heavy sativa, with Your Highness and Juanita la Lagrimosa as two of his current favorites. Not only do they help him manage his pain, but it’s enabled him to expand his workout regimen. “I’ll get to a point where I feel fatigue, catch my breath, get high, and my body feels rejuvenated, I can do another set. Before, I couldn’t do two push-ups without a defibrillator, but now I can do so much more. A year and a half ago I was a different person, someone that you would have felt sorry for.” This healthier lifestyle also led him to reject processed foods, switching to a diet comprised of natural ingredients. Evidently, it’s having an effect, as on the 26th anniversary of his accident at the age of 48, Steven was down to 180 pounds.

This miraculous change in his condition has made him into an evangelist for the healing powers of cannabis. While he’s not a doctor, he has clearly done a great deal of research and is happy to share it with any and all who are interested, as others shared it with him when he was questioning the logic of a never-ending supply of narcotic painkillers. “Our misclassification of cannabis will go down as one of humanity’s greatest blunders” he said regretfully. “But with everything changing now is a wonderful time to be alive.” He’s particularly thankful that medical cannabis isn’t just legal in his hometown of Mississauga in Ontario, but that the stigma he felt when he was using painkillers is gone. Furthermore, he relishes the wide range of cannabis products that are currently available in the open market. “Certain things for certain times. Cannabis isn’t just a one label thing. There are so many different kinds of medicine that can help so many people. If it helps somebody, what’s wrong with that? It’s natural, God created it.” 

From the beginning of his use of medical cannabis, Steven wanted to avoid combustion in favor of vaporization, as he didn’t want a smoky-smelling house and a regular cough. He picked up an array of vapes, but stopped looking once he found the EVO. “It’s the cadillac of vaporizers, not just the way it looks but the functionality. And it’s not just about the taste, it’s about getting the full benefit out of it.” Steven agrees with Vapexhale CEO Seibo Shen that users looking to maximize the beneficial effects of cannabis should be inhaling so as to deliver THC into the capillaries.

He does warn that it is not a device to be approached lightly. “All of my friends lick their lips when they see my EVO. They’ve been smoking for 30-35 years, and they think they have an iron lung, and three hits later they’re on the floor.” That said, he believes the EVO is simply the best way to consume cannabis. “It’s not about cost, that unit has saved me money and I haven’t even had it a year. It allows me to use my medicine in the most beneficial way, and not waste it. I’ve tried a lot of vapes, and there are a lot of copycats, but ultimately you get what you pay for.”

Steven is just one of our satisfied customers who was happy to share his experience with us. If you wish to let us know how your EVO has changed your relationship with cannabis, email us at


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