Cannabis & Sex

Here at Vapexhale, we try to push back against stereotypes of cannabis consumers being lazy couch potatoes by highlighting the positive effects marijuana can have on physical performance. But this doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty about not being a pro-football player or mixed martial artist, as there’s one physical activity that most of us enjoy a great deal. I’m talking about sex, baby, and if you haven’t been doing it while high, you’ve been missing out.As with many aspects of cannabis, science is getting around to providing evidence in place of years of anecdotes. Marijuana was considered an aphrodisiac by most of the cultures that had access to it, going back to China in 2700 BCE. Hugh Hefner became a major supporter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws shortly after discovering what he called “a whole other dimension to sex” through cannabis use. This could be explained by a recent study linking the CB1 receptor in the brain to the female orgasm. The CB1 receptor is a part of the endocannabinoid system, which allows us to feel the high commonly associated with cannabis. 

This may account for why cannabis can be a positive for your sex life, but let’s take a look at the data showing what it could improve. Since the 80s, a series of studies have had respondents claim that cannabis increases both libido and sexual pleasure. Another study by showed that 5 out of 6 men found cannabis to enhance their sexual pleasure, while 90% of women found the same. In addition, 40% of the women polled said cannabis improved the quality of their orgasm. A poll conducted by found that cannabis users were 30% more likely to want to make out at the end of a date, have 3.6% more orgasms per sexual encounter, and most surprisingly 109% more likely to have had multiple orgasms. Whether this is a direct side effect of cannabis use, a result of a heightened sensory system, or due to users being more relaxed and less anxious, they’re results that are hard to ignore.

Cannabis producers are already working to meet demand for cannabis as a sexual aid. Foria offers a lubricant made from a combination of coconut and cannabis oil that purports to help women and their partners have more and stronger orgasms. Also, cannabis suppositories that can be administered either vaginally or rectally are becoming more common as the marijuana market diversifies. However, fans of the high experience should be warned that these techniques will deliver only on the physical effects of cannabis. For those looking for a good old-fashioned high before you celebrate the best part of Valentine’s Day, your EVO is more than capable of getting you there.


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